Safe Journey Wishes for Loved Ones

Safe Journey Wishes for Loved Ones

My eyes crying for missing you,
My hands empty for lack of your embrace.
I never wished and prayed that this never happened,
But how sad it is happening right in front of me.
I am missing you, but safe journey.

Safe Journey Wishes for Loved Ones

If you hear the cock crow specially,
Or the birds chatter harmoniously,
Or you see the Trees bend in awe,
They are all wishing you a safe journey,
And that is done on my behalf.

Safe journey wishes are lovely,
When it comes from the heart of love.
I am lucky to be such with you,
And so I wish you a safe journey.

Safest of the journey is all I wish you,
Best of your stay there, I wish you also.
Stay great in love for me sweetheart,
And come back as lovely as you’ve ever been.

I will miss you I can’t hide it,
I really love you I can’t deny it.
But watching you leave, I don’t want it.
And if you don’t come back soon, I won’t be fit.

You have been more than a friend,
So hard to see you go.
I trust I will cope without you being here.
Take care of yourself. Goodbye.

There is no way I won’t miss you.
You have been more than a friend to me.
I always thank God for bringing us together.
Wish you safest journey ever. Goodbye.

Hmmm! So I will not see this face for a while?
What an emptiness within, this would give.
I pray for a safe journey as you go.
Take proper care of yourself please.

Fact is becoming reality,
My fear is bouncing on me.
I am beginning to feel so so lonely,
And I am wishing this never happens.
Not this time! But safe journey love.
I wish you the best of your stay.

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