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Safe Journey Sms Messages for Someone Special

I bet you don’t know how elated I am seeing you here! Thinking I am happy because you are on my site? No! It is because you are one of those lovely people on the planet earth who see “Caring for someone” a means of making relationships work.

You might not know how much this means to your loved ones until you receive Sweet Journey Wishes like these yourself. And if you love these safe journey sms, kindly share it. That way, you help us grow.

Thank you for being the special person you are. I love you…. But please don’t tell no one!


Most Romantic Safe Journey Text Messages and Quotes for Your Lover.
Romantic Safe journey texts for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife.

Each time I remember how great your care is,
I wish I could pay back in million folds.
Since I can’t be paying back,
I wish you all the best in all you do,
Even in this journey. Safe trip.<

Just one wish from me to you,
Have a safe journey as you travel.
Take care, Cheers!

Every day is a journey,
Some live it to the fullest
While some don’t make it through.
As you go, you shall come back safely.

Safe Trip Messages to My Love

The journey may be long and boring,
The road may be rough and bump full,
But more than those, I wish you safe journey.

Enjoy every moment of your journey,
Feel relaxed as ever,
I will be here waiting for you.
Safe journey my love.

If you have a smile for me,
Please keep it very safe,
When you come back here,
You will give me a bundle of it.
Missing you already. Safe journey.

Whichever way you go,
Whichever path you take,
Whichever vehicle you board,
I wish you safe journey.

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Have a Sweet Journey

I wish you a sweet love when you are here,
And I wish you a sweet journey when you are away.
I wish you enjoy your stay there. Take care.

Tick tock beats my heart,
Longing to see the one I love.
I wish the best for you on the journey,
And I wish a quick come back.

You are at it again!
How could I ever stay happy when you are away?
Feeling so much emptiness in my heart,
But promise me that you will come back to me on time.
Safe journey my love.

Of all the activities I love,
Travelling is my last. Because,
It is the period I miss you most.
Not funny, it’s happening again.

In love I want to love you again and again,
In care I want to care for you more and more.
To live with you, that I want to do forever.
But to miss you this way, that I don’t want never!

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