Happy Journey Status

Happy Journey Status for Lovers and Loved Ones

More than safest of journeys,
I wish you the best out of life.
More strength I wish you
Instead of the stress.
Journey well dear.

The one who can tell how a journey went,
Is the one who return home safely.
The last time I checked, you are that person.
Go and come back safely.

My pal, my heart and my lovely friend,
I wish this moment is never part of my life.
The feeling of you leaving is really killing.
But anyways, I wish you save journey.

Hmmm… So the news is real and true.
I thought my ear deceived me when I heard it,
But how sad to know you are living for good.
I couldn’t have stopped you anyways, safe journey.

I never could imagine staying a week without you,
Let alone a month. How unbelievable this his!
My missing you time now reads per second!
Please be careful there and come back safely.

I do not find this interesting at all!
How do you expect me to stay that long.
I wish all wishes come true.
If so, I would wish you take me along.
Will really miss you.

We never wish you will go,
For we will us miss you here.
But it’s okay if you must go,
Just that you must not stay for long.
We all kiss you goodbye. Mwah.

When it is time to miss you, we sure will.
Being somewhat happy about you leaving,
Is just because we would love you to go there.
Be the best of yourself there, and don’t forget us here,
Safe journey to you dearest.

What do you see to these safe journey quotes?

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