Bon Voyage Quotes

Bon Voyage Quotes for Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

If all you want is the best of Bon Voyage Quotes for friends, your Lover or loved ones, you’re in the right place for that. Send this to your loved ones as they travel to show them that you care.


Bon Voyage Quotes for Friends

If he/she is one of your best friends, a friend indeed, and going on a journey, they sure deserve Bon Voyage Quotes for Best Friends

1. Many times we would have to travel,
But the interesting ones only leave impressive memories.
That is what I wish for you on this journey.
Have a safe journey my dear.

2. I might not be there to drive you,
I might not be able to make the journey faster.
But I am able to wish you a safe journey.
So I wish you a safe journey to your destination.

3. He who has a best, is yet to see a better than the best.
Previous journeys might have been the best,
But this very one will be better than them all.
Nice trip, and back safely. Much love.

4. I wish this journey be your best,
I wish it imprints unending joy for you.
May your goings be great,
And your Comings be greater. Safe journey.

5. Everything that has a beginning sure has an end.
Everybody can determine the start
But not everyone can determine the ending.
So I leave you safely into the hands of God.
Safe journey my love.

6. We can choose the vehicle for a journey,
We can choose the road to take,
But we can’t really tell How the journey would go.
In all, I live you in the saving hands of God,
That He will guide and protect you on this journey.

7. I got a special place for you in my heart,
That is where you will stay forever,
But it’s hurting how you are going far away.
Please be back safely on time.

8. For every journey you embark on,
I know a sure path you will follow,
And it is the path of Safe Journey.
Wish you a safe arrival to your destination.

9. I wish I have a place for you in the stars
I wish I could see you close and never afar
I wish you are here with me forever,
And above it all, I wish you a safe journey.

Bon Voyage Miss You Quotes

I Miss you Bon Voyage Quotes to send to someone on a journey.

Funny Bon Voyage Quotes

10. For the sake of the gift you promised to buy me on your way back I wish you a safe and less stressful journey.

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