Safe Journey Wishes

Best Safe Journey Wishes for Him or Her

Here comes a collection of Best Safe Journey Wishes for Him or Her: Best Safe Journey Wishes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Husband or Wife.

Sweet words full of love
On this journey, I send you.
Beautiful wishes of safety,
On this path you take, I give you.
Safe journey to you love.

Echoes of mercies and sweet whispers of love,
Fountains of glory, and overflow of abundance
Is what I wish you on this journey.
Have a safe journey.

Like showers upon you on this journey
I wish you the safety that is sure and perfect.
Like overflow of a fountain
I bid you a safe journey so soothing in love.

Soothing relief and boundless joy,
With untold happiness and enough reasons to testify of a journey that went well,
Is what I wish you on this journey.

As you on this journey
Your time of favour shall come
Your reign of abundance shall begin
And it will never end
Even as you go on this journey
Wishing you all the best.

I send the spicy breezes to blow away your anxiety
And I send in the soothing peace that will threaten away all the perils on this journey.
I lift up my heart in awe, expecting your best,
Even to and from this journey.
With a heart full of love, I wish you safe journey.

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